Plugin making

Hi all,
I’m trying to make a plugin for otp authentication, I don’t thinks i have so much work because, they are a alreay lot of nuget packege that do it.
For now i’ve just taked the example plugin of Ruri and follow his tutorial. I build it in release mod whitout changing anything but openbullet won’t accept it, I think i just didn’t understood how to package the plugin.


(if someone have the time to make a more explicit tutoriel on how to make a plugin (in video for example) it will be really useful maybe i’m not the only one who struggling on that. :wink: )

  1. Make sure the name of the DLL and the name of the root namespace are the same
  2. Make sure to include this in csproj OB2PluginSample/OB2TestPlugin.csproj at main · openbullet/OB2PluginSample · GitHub so it outputs the .dll files of the references
  3. Make sure to package it with a proper zip archive with 1 dll file in the root, a folder named like the dll and all extra dlls in that folder.

Also make sure you built it for .NET 5 (not .NET framework) and that all your nuget packages are also available for .NET standard or .NET core, not .NET framework only.


It still don’t work i’ve taken your plugin exemple an didn’t change anything just to test, it is packed correctly? I’ve taken the file from “OB2PluginSample-main\OB2TestPlugin\bin\Release\net5.0”

Yes it looks good, what error are you getting exactly?
OB2 does not support .rar format by the way only .zip to import plugins. Otherwise just unpack it manually in the UserData/Plugins folder

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Thanks a lot had put it in rar. I can’t believe i spend so much time while it was just that.
At least I got advice for nexts steps!

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