Phone number:password?

I need to remove the code from the phone number (login) first, how to do it?
79061737767 remove 7 at the beginning. should be 9061737767. I don’t need all 7 after.


if your list of numbers is always 11 digits as your example, with this code in regex it can work, but if it has more digits and characters you would have to do something more advanced

  input = @input.CODE
  pattern = "(\\d{1})(\\d{10})"
  outputFormat = "[2]"
  => VAR @D10digits

I hope you find it useful <3

bro how to do it in old version of openbullet 1?

Sorry, this site is only for support for the recent version of the openbullet.

Only for this occasion I will support you, but remember that this site is no longer for support of the old OB

PARSE "<CODE>" REGEX "(\\d{1})(\\d{10})" "[2]" -> VAR "10D" 
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