Password decryption

Encrypted password
I used all methods and it did not open

You will have to check in source for js, for type of password encryption, output is base64 encrypted.

I only need access to the same encryption, I don’t want to open
Encryption source from a mobile app

there is no other way we can’t just guess the encryption/encoding method if its not an easy one like only base64 encoding or something like that. If its an app then you need to decompile it and search for encryption method

base64 Not the same result
Also, the MD5 encoder and later Base64 is not the same result
When opening base64 encoder it gives an output ((( M†/öйÐ:I¸)›ç» )))
This is an open encryption error

i never wrote in my post that its only base64 encoded. My post was meant to tell you that you should decompile the app and find the encryption method we cant just tell you based of the string which encryption method was used

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Sorry, I did not understand what you mean at first, now I understand what you mean, you mean to open the source code for the application to know the encryption method, a good idea, thank you

Facing same problem … please were you able to solve yours?

bro how to do it ?

we need to do right click and view source code ?

am i right ? or when we dubgg in network tab that you mean ?