Parse token in Json Openbullet2

Hello im wondering how to parse token in json im new to ob2

example of the payload


i just can’t figure out how to parse “register_session_token”

any help will be gratefull

You can use LR

Left Delim: “register_session_token”:“
Right Delim: ”

Thnaks for the help really appreciate it, Unfortunately it doesn’t work for me i did same as you

try this: if not work is problem of and needs replace

  "email": "<input.EMAIL>",
  "login": "",
  "password": "",
  "campaign": "",
  "captcha_challenge_result": "",
  "register_session_token": "f748abd9abf65d2a05935b42f5345c40d100bec3",
  "is_subscribe_news": true

Are you sure it can parse the POST content? my bro

Of course you can

Hi not talking about parse post content ,he is talking about parse token in json, read all please.

Thanks, unfortunately did work for me can you explain more, here my screenshot

Replace the quotation marks “ and ” with quotation marks

try using Json and put this

Your parsed is not the POST content. my bro
It is the SOURCE.

you can see the source

a. either the response of what you are doing didn’t give “register_session_token”
b. you have to find the request where the “f748abd9abf65d2a05935b42f5345c40d100bec3” comes from

parse it use left & right string or json