Parse Hidden Recaptcha V3 in GET request

I’ve been having trouble parsing a recaptcha v3 link within OB, i cant find it using the search tool within OB but i can find it in chrome searching through the page source. My question is, is there a way to parse a hidden element in OB without using puppeteer?


Actually, you don’t need to parse that as its a constant its gonna work when you leave it as it is

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if you want to parse anything else just use the Get DOM block, it will just get the content when you click view source in chrome


After this, you can just add a parse block and get whatever content you want

do you have discord by any chance im so confused

im not using puppeteer, i know theres a way to do so using that. im using regular requests

then just use it constant dude

can u make a Recaptcha v3 bypass plugin for OB2 native and other important features