Parse ( cks: )

Hi, There is a part that I need to parse, but this is not available in the source codes. ( cks: ) I don’t know where it came from. It could be Java or some other encryption. I don’t know if it can be solved with function. If anyone wants to help, I’ll send the address in a private message. Thank you so much.

email: -----------
password: 123456
requestType: validateAccount
token: 63c410fbf6d5e94abdf4a541c9c8425a
dttm: 1628108394
cks: $2a$10$h6WEGH4It35Q8Rg9/.zDpeSmL57mzJfHxiLNMsk3n5ZdX4vd8vk5G

From what I can see, this is an encryption in bcrypt. I leave you an image of some examples of encryption

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Thanks for the answer. As you said, the encryption appears to be bcrypt. The relevant site page says the ‘Page is Protected.’ So I can’t access this data. Even if it has access, I guess I know that OB doesn’t have a function to decrypt this encryption. :thinking:

Hashes can’t be decrypted as they are no encryption.