Operation canceled (Maybe because of Akamai)

Hi I made a config for zalando.de to monitor sneaker releases but when I try to log in with the config it gives back Operation canceled and rarely the akamai edge error.
I sent the config to you per email Ruri.
Thanks for helpingProcessing: test.opk…

Generally means it timed out or took to long to respond.

Try using the random user agent to see if that helps

At which point do you get it? Anyways I cannot really see anything weird, and since I don’t have your python script I don’t think it would be even possible for me to debug this.

Tried that already and didn’t help

The code just makes a get request to an api which gives back sensor valid sensor data. I could send you the code but you need python and requests module.

I don’t know, currently I don’t have much time for this, but anyways usually the Operation canceled means a timeout as @jrem said so I don’t think there’s much I can help with here. Maybe try to make the request using the default .NET HttpClient and see how it goes (you will need to know a bit of C# to translate an Http Request block into code). Note that it will only support HTTP proxies though.

Ok I’ll try that I know C# good. Thank you brother.

You can find some reference code here (this was for HTTP 2.0 but it works for 1.1 as well)

Hi so I tested it in C# and the same thing happens so its not because of Bullet. I reaad that akamai times out requests when they think a bot is behind them so its probably that but no idea how to work around it.

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I have no idea either, never dealt with akamai personally, but I know some people are able to bypass it successfully. Maybe it’s related to the IP you’re using or the TLS settings.

Are you using proxies?

and the random ua, what settings are you using?