OpenBullet2 not opening after crash

Hello, I’m running into an issue where OpenBullet2 ( Native version ) is not running at all. I was in the Stacker working on a new config when it crashed. A few hours of investigating later I’m still just as lost. In task manager it opens up as a background process, then suspends a few seconds later.

I’ve been using OpenBullet 2 & OB1 for years, and only experienced an issue like this in OB1 when the database would get corrupt. I would delete my database and I’d be good to go as it would generate a new empty one, but this isn’t working on OpenBullet2.

So far I’ve disabled all security related processes on my server that could block this, tried running OB2 via CMD to try and find any logs, but nothing comes up at all.

Has anyone run into an issue like this, or has an idea on how to view some sort of logs?

Hello, did you try to download OB2 from scratch and copy over the UserData dir to the new instance?

I actually ended up doing that and it worked fine. Missing the database & proxylist but it’s alright.