Openbullet2 API


I’m not that familiar with OpenBullet2 but saw there is some kind of API. I’m wondering if its possible
to setup OB2 in server and send through another server some requests to debugger and print its
Something like this:
Send user:pass:config request through API to server where is OB2 hosted and then print capture response + status?

If this is possible, can you please direct me to right documentation and give some advice, please.


Please read this question

TL;DR right now you can’t, but it will be implemented in the future

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Any ETA to this? Would be cool feature to the program.

I don’t really have a date, hopefully I will start adding it in version 0.1.29

Thanks! I was reading the other post were you suggested using commandline. Quick question about it: Can you add wordlist using the command line? And in general how do you add wordlist to commandline version of OB2?

Hey, you just pass it as an argument (you can pass the relative or absolute file path). Read the example command.

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