Openbullet wont open

i tried downloading the file to run openbullet 2 but i cant even get it to open at all i need help

Open it using the command in the console, do not double click the exe, so you will see an actual error that tells you how to fix.

im sorry i am kind of new to this so how do i do that

Open the OB2 folder in the folder explorer of windows, then right click on some empty space while holding down the SHIFT key and click on “Open Powershell here” or something like that. After that, type

dotnet ./OpenBullet2.dll

You will then see the error, maybe you didn’t install the framework properly?

I may need you to team viewer for me to help me that way I can see what you do and I can observe and learn only if you have the time for it

Sorry I don’t do remote support, tell me what the issue is and I will help you via text here.