OPENBULLET 2 language

Is it possible to add an add-on language to those that exist?

What exactly do you have in mind and what do you want to do? Like, which language, where, for what purpose.

Wfilu is language pl poland how to use it

Ah I thought you wanted a programming language xD sorry.
Yes you can read my guide How to add or modify translations

you can code in the language you want and use shell to call it if you are that desperate to use it

He just wanted to add polish localization xD

i have no idea what that means you mean change the language?

He means add Polish (language spoken in Poland) to the list of available languages like Italian, German etc.

yea i got that after im sitting here like never head of this coding language lol im just dump sometimes lol

That’s exactly what I mean and whether it is possible at all

Yes of course it’s possible but we need someone who translates xD

cough google cough

Google translate is shit

its better then nothing they could always use a browser extention to translate

In chrome you can literally right click the page and translate, so I see no point in adding a google translated language. We need serious applications from native speakers who want to help out by translating everything by hand like it has been done for the existing languages.

lol you can always make an announcment thread :slight_smile:

I already made this guide How to add or modify translations

“serious applications” threw me off lol

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you finna get banned quartz worshipper

very indirect remark, who?