OpenBullet 2? A bug, error or something?

Is there any problem with OpenBullet 2? A bug, error or something?

The reason why i’m asking is because i search around and didn’t found many opk files been shared online. Loli and Anom are the most popular.


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There are no bugs, its just new software and the previous version was already widely popular.

The next version of OB2 will include support for OB1 but its already pretty easy to either write your own configs or convert OB1 scripts over.

Give it time and you will start seeing more adoption of OB2 as imo its much more versitile


No there’s no problem with OB2. A multitude of factors caused it to not gain much popularity, among which:

  1. The fact that the client is web-based (some just don’t like it)
  2. Making config is more complex for beginners, while being more flexible and powerful for experienced developers and config makers
  3. There is no backwards compatibility

Problem number 1 is being fixed tomorrow with the release of the native OB2 client for Windows, while problems number 2 and 3 will be addressed when the backwards compatibility patch is implemented as @jrem said.

Also, keep in mind that when people read “Beta” they think the program is not ready yet so they don’t make the switch.

Apart from this, the codebase is much cleaner and faster (around 30% more speed with respect to OB1) and it’s much more flexible thanks to the ability to mix and match blocks with C# code.


Thanks for the info. I’m a OpenBullet Config and combo supplier and when the OB2 Beta was announce i got access to a few opk configs but since then nothing.

So far, the beta version is working well. We all hope that the software will be much better than ob1, especially because C# makes things easier. Great respect for the effort.