Op2 native| How to create configs the best way

hi every one in this video i try to show How to create simple config with help of

openbullet2 native with extra staff like

cyberfox &hackerbar
some bash

creating videos using windows is so hard for me couse its limits in my point of view .

all info in this video to show you an example of some ways we use to make configs .
and its for educational purpose .
and as i respect fourm rules i used standard examples

without dive deep in the process it self .

but in reality
we use more complex staff like tor - proxy chains- and vpns special distros .
and this another story for another place so have fun and enjoy the video

in end thanks for ruri for this great app .


once again your video deletedā€¦i dont know why you posting youtuube again and again and you never make backup link in mega.nz or mediafireā€¦


yes, I Think So. LOL

Please I need a config maker