Offer for plugin creators

Need a clone block of KEYCHECK .
In that just I need a additional option " ReportCaptcha If retry" similar to " ban if no key found".
My lolli script is not stable

IF STRINGKEY @data.SOURCE Contains “Wrong Captcha” OR “Invalid captcha”
data.STATUS = “RETRY”;

If task is retrynig then it should “report the captcha”. And set status retry.

budget : 10$.
only BTC payment.

if (data.SOURCE.Contains("Wrong Captcha") || data.SOURCE.Contains("Invalid captcha"))
data.STATUS = "RETRY";

Done. There is no OR in LoliCode keys, you have to use C#.

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this should be in C# code or in lolliscript ?
Because if trying edit in C# the stacker editor is gone.




(48,16): error CS1525: Invalid expression term ‘’

The snippet I gave you had this weird character that is put by the forum when you paste double quotes. You should replace with " and it will work.

That’s why you should always post code between triple backticks so it doesn’t get auto-formatted by the forum…

how to use this in OB2


thank you

A few examples

data.UseProxy = true;
data.UseProxy = false;
data.Proxy = new Proxy("", 9050, ProxyType.Socks5);
data.Proxy = new Proxy("", 9050, ProxyType.Socks5, "username", "password");

Proxy types can be Http, Socks4, Socks4a or Socks5.
I can add an easier syntax in LoliCode directly (this is C#). If you want, open an issue on github.

More info from the documentation below

The data variable

This variable contains all data related to the current bot.

Useful properties
  • data.UseProxy (bool) whether to use the proxy assigned to the bot
  • data.STATUS (string) the current status of the bot
  • data.RAWSOURCE (byte[]) the content of the last http response received
  • data.SOURCE (string) same as above but as a string
  • data.ERROR (string) contains the message of the last exception caught when using safe mode (in blocks that support it)
  • data.ADDRESS (string) the absolute uri of the last http response (after redirection)
  • data.RESPONSECODE (int) the status code of the last http response
  • data.COOKIES (Dictionary<string, string>) the cookies sent or received so far (e.g. data.COOKIES["PHPSESSID"])
  • data.HEADERS (Dictionary<string, string>) the headers of the last http response (e.g. data.HEADERS["Location"])
  • data.Objects (Dictionary<string, object>) holds stateful objects for cross-block use (they will get disposed automatically at the end of the script)
  • data.MarkedForCapture (List<string>) all the names of variables marked for capture
  • data.Line.Data (string) the whole (unsplit) data line assigned to the bot
  • data.Line.Retries (int) the amount of times the data has been retried

Note: data.Proxy is null if proxies are off, so always make a null check first

  • data.Proxy.Host (string)
  • data.Proxy.Port (int)
  • data.Proxy.Username (string)
  • data.Proxy.Password (string)
  • data.Proxy.Type (ProxyType) can be Http/Socks4/Socks5/Socks4a
  • data.Logger.Enabled (bool) enables or disables the logger (e.g. when there is too much data to print)

Useful methods
  • data.MarkForCapture(string varName) adds the variable name to the data.MarkedForCapture list
  • data.Logger.Log(string message, string htmlColor, bool canViewAsHtml) htmlColor must be e.g. #fff or white
  • data.Logger.Log(IEnumerable<string> enumerable, string htmlColor, bool canViewAsHtml)
  • data.Logger.Clear() clears the log

can we do it in other way like if task retries then report captcha ? but after retry it won’t go for next block I think.
please add a tick box in keycheck block " If retry Report captcha"

Open an issue on github

where it was added ? please send me screenshot , Nothing I seen in settings page.

When I add or fix things, they get delivered in the next version, it doesn’t magically appear in the software immediately! So you need to wait for version 0.1.24 in order to have the option.

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I thought it is fork with github repo. so if you update then it may appear in OB2.

No, it doesn’t build on each new commit, that would be extremely annoying for people since they would have the notification to update all the time.

tor is working ? after 0.1.24 it is not working I don’t know why
I using
In OB1 it is working but in OB2 is not working . please test and reply.

It’s still working fine as far as I know, if not post an issue on github and give a sample LoliCode to reproduce the bug

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whats wrong it pops. in proxy check

Please open an issue on github and let me know how to replicate the problem

how to explain that because I didn’t made anything it pops but after restarting OB2 then working again. untill then it is unable to start proxy check.

and not working adding to database all hits are gone.
make a button in Job reset statitics it can help. So it shouldn’t remove the hits when job restarts.

how to write this in lolliscript please tell me …
thank you.