OB2 WEB 0.3.0

Hello, i saw that ob2 web version have no search bar on config maker

is possible to add that?

Your browser probably has built-in search, just use CTRL + F.

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found! thanks for the answer

i have other questions…

1- No code showed if i import loli config on OB2. If i test debugger work but inside i cant see the code…

I tried and cannot reproduce the issue. Can you plese use the browser devtools (google how to open them in your browser, for Chrome it’s either F12 or CTRL + SHIFT + I) and go to the Console or Network page, then hit F5 in your browser and see if there are errors (in red)? Thanks!

fixed. i was using safari… now change to chrome and solved


Ah sorry I didn’t test OB2 in safari. If you want you can open an issue on github about this.