OB2 query on local database

I’ve downloaded entire database so I can now query it from localhost
Have some way to query my database with openbullet?

Because if I use php I guess that I should build an entire script, or have some easier way? with OB is much simpler

My configuration was beautiful unfortunately I’m having performance issues with proxy, my target is not loading properly so I am getting errors. Without proxy I am getting server ban after some queries.

Download this program https://sqlitebrowser.org/ and open the .db file with it. Then you should be able to run SQL queries or use the interface to manually edit rows and save the database. There’s documentation on the program’s website.

OB1 used liteDB while OB2 uses sqlite due to the database completely breaking if OB1 was shut down during a write (this has caused many issues in the past and it’s now fixed in OB2).