OB2 pulls less then 2% CPU on max threads

Why is the thread limit so low? Open Bullet pulls less then 2% on my cpu when running 200 threads on a medium complex job. I think it should be way higher considering current hardwares limits.


Dude 200 bots with good proxies are literally considered as ddos attacks, doesn’t matter what hardwares u have, we’re talking about websites

I get a max of 10000 requests per minute if not using proxies and max with extremely good proxies is like 4-5k per minute. 4500/60=75, AKA not even close to a ddos. A ddos of a modern site requires millions of requests every single second. A personal computer can’t budge a modern day website lol

U didn’t get the points it doesn’t mean like it’s a ddos but websites securities get triggered as it’s one not mentioning the bruteforcing attacks sensors

I’ve ran bruteforces in the thousands, never had those types of problems. And ps ddos means DISTRIBUTED denial of service

this is running at a low 20%