OB2 on RDP

Hello. is any way to run multiple OB2 on one server ?

so that every RDP user has his own OB2 running? for now its like:

user1 runs OpenBullet2

user2 , user3 and all other can access == localhost, so it will be available only on the server that was launched it. You can try second option (access it remotely)

i mean every user on localhost can connect. and thats the problem. in openbullet1 every user has his own copy running… any solutions? we tried guest account but guest can see all setings / cfg and thats the problem too

so the question is:

how to make that
1 server + RDP
3 users

every user has his own openbullet2 running on same server?

Remote access control
The last thing I want to reveal now is that I plan to add a system to grant access to your OpenBullet2 instance to other people by generating credentials with restrictions like:

  • IP lock
  • Ability to use only certain sections of the program (e.g. deny access to the Config Manager)
  • Expiration date of the key

Just try running it? I don’t see why would this give you a conflict. But in case it does, you can just change the port from 5000 to another open one.

@Snowy u cant open second OB2 with other user account… i tested this today and its not working… + port change will not work because you can just change port in link to access other OB2

and remote access will not help too… coz all users all on same PC

to make it accessible outside of local host or you can port forward

thx for answer but you dont understand me… i dont want to access from outside… the thing is i share one rdp server with other ppl… and i would like that we will be able to run ob2 ( each ob2 for each user ) separate…

you can run multiple ob2 each with different port create a different folder for each and you should be able to do that or if you are using docker you can use that

use my method and give each user their own url and no even if they have access to other panel if they dont know the login they cant access that ob instance even if they see the login screen

nvm i will just change port