OB2 not have "proxy remote"?


pic like, OB 2 “proxy remote” ???

sorry english my bad :frowning:

It’s in another place now, you can configure remote proxy sources inside the job options.

If you want to use the same sources for many jobs consider cloning existing job instead of creating them from scratch so it will preserve all settings and you don’t have to reconfigure them.

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thank you much, help me

Could you make it a global option like it was in OB1 ?
[as mentioned by OP]

There is already an issue on github about this

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Yes i see that, but your giving the same response there aswell.
So I suppose its not being added as it was in OB1 ?

Im referring to: [REQUEST] search at debugger & remote proxy · Issue #448 · openbullet/OpenBullet2 · GitHub

Make a new one I guess, and I can add some “global sources” that can be configured and will be added to every job

Done, thanks for you amazing work Ruri <3