OB2 Custom cipher [TLS 1.3]

How can I use tls 1.3?
its getting errors like this
“[Executing block Http Request] The client and server cannot communicate, because they do not possess a common algorithm.”

And for custom cipher Im getting “[Executing block Http Request] CipherSuitesPolicy is not supported on this platform.”

Please help

Currently TLS 1.3 (and also the custom cipher stuff) only works on Linux (and MacOS) with at least OpenSSL 1.1

For something more universal, that works also on windows we are still waiting for BouncyCastle to get TLS 1.3 also their C# Version which is hopefully soon as they said last year it is planned once their Java Version has it. TLS 1.3 support? · Issue #255 · bcgit/bc-csharp · GitHub
And this one has it since a few month now.

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oh alright thanks bro

Hey hey, check again BouncyCastle

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Yes it’s on the todo list, I’m currently busy with other things