[OB1/OB2] how can i add a varibale in selenium custom options?

for exemple like this :
when i add a variable i get error
thank you in advance guys :black_heart:

You cannot do that at the moment, why would it be beneficial? Maybe open an issue on github and explain the advantages

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ok Ruri , the benefits of that is on reporting automation with different identity
for exemple in email marketing , Report automation is the process through which digital marketing reports are created and automatically updated using a software …to turn spam rating from 5/10 to 10/10 that’s mean Report Automation ,for no making sign in every time with your fake accounts to manipulate bots and crawlers from detecting you as f*cking bot ,every account should have his data for not making sign in every report from an email account , for every check should switch to specific account data, exactly in this chromium custom cmd : [–user-data-dir=c:\data\account1]

do u understand what i mean Bruh ?
I am not proficient in c#
Maybe I will develop a plugin like a custom block but accept variables .
Thank you for the feedback

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Okay I guess it makes sense, open an issue on github and I will see to add this in the next patch or so

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Thank You ,i will


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[REQUEST] i Suggest adding a variable field in the block custom :exclamation: [Click To Read More] · Issue #602 · openbullet/OpenBullet2 (github.com)

Ruri ,Check this

Thanks, hopefully I will have some time to code this

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Thank You :white_heart:

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