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1.What is the replacement for USER in OB2

2.How to set Headed Selenium Browser As default instead of headless

3.How Send keys in Browser (ex. PAGEDOWN)


1- In OB2 you should use <input.USERNAME> or <input.USER> depends on how you named it in your environment file.
2- Follow this guide Uncheck Headless
3- If youโ€™re talking about Puppeteer Iโ€™m not sure about PAGEDOWN, maybe how to type and click I could help otherwise sorry.

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For the keys, there is a block called โ€œkey pressโ€ (just search for it) and then in the block info there is a link to a website with all the key codes you can use

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i have to uncheck headless every time i make new config i want to turn off it forever

Thatโ€™s not possible at the moment, sorry.

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