OB Config Running Fine in Stacker

Hey , i have an issue which is my config works fine in stacker the first time it was’t works but when i changed Request Timeout to 20 it works then i tried to check the config its works but slowly get 10 cpm or 30, The first time i made the config i got 400 cpm !! with good proxies.

NOTICE : its worked fine proxyless in Stacker

Then that means your proxys are most likely getting banned

it works good without proxies in stacker but when it send login request it takes around 10 secends to get the result

If it is working fine without proxies but either timing out or taking a long time to respond with your proxies. Then that means your proxies are most likely flagged by the site and being blocked or have some other issue about speed

i think my issue with timeout is there any way to set wait for element like selenuim ?

Yes. Utility > Delay
But what you want is to go in RL Settings in Proxies section and change the timeout from there.

Also, you could put in your config Settings. PROXIES > BAN LOOP EVASION > 1
When youe proxy get banned. The line will get sent to TO CHECK. From there you can see what is happening and change your config accordingly.

See this for more:

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i use my own pc for this and i have only 2Mbps speed when i run the config i face stress on network to open google or youtube . Could this be the reason?