Numeric combos in email:pass format

I got a combo list containing numbers in format number:number
I’m trying to use it with openbullet but it keeps showing in bad data(red colour). I’ve read some posts here about checking the file. I did some changes in my own.

And also changing my config to accept numeric combos though I don’t know how it does it…
Would be very grateful for help from anyone​:pray::pray:

You cannot have 2 slices with the same name. Do something like this


Then in the config you have to use <CODE1> or <CODE2> where you want to put the two codes.

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Thank you for your reply… but I’m bit confuse about where to put the CODE1 or CODE2 in the config after editing the environment.ini file.

In the textbox of the block where you want to write the data from the line of the wordlist

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Alright thank you very much. I would be very grateful for screenshot(s).

I don’t have the time to help you right now but maybe somebody else will

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send me a private message to help you

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Alright thanks for the recommendation

Hello good, I would like to enter your Telegram group as I do

I don’t understand what you want.

But i can tell there is absolutely no official OpenBullet Telegram group.
@Ruri doesn’t even have a telegram account.

Everyone claiming to be @ruri or is running any telegram group in the name of @Ruri or the OpenBullet team is an imposter and/or scammer

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