Need help with graphsql post data

so i have some graphsql data:

{“id”:“userCreateMutation”,“query”:“mutation userCreateMutation(\n $applicationIntention: ApplicationIntentionInput\n $input: CreateUserInput!\n $recaptcha: RecaptchaInput\n) {\n createUser(applicationIntention: $applicationIntention, input: $input, recaptcha: $recaptcha) {\n documents {\n masked\n type\n }\n email\n id\n identityCountry\n memberAt\n name {\n first\n full\n last\n }\n referrals {\n code\n }\n settings {\n hasMarketingConsent\n intl {\n language {\n locale\n }\n }\n }\n status\n type\n usTaxpayer {\n declared\n }\n verifications {\n activeQRCode\n authenticationApprovalId\n choices\n code\n expiresAt\n providers\n reason\n status\n type\n }\n }\n}\n”,“variables”:{“applicationIntention”:null,“input”:{“citizenshipCountry”:“US”,“country”:“US”,“email”:"",“password”:"",“referral”:null,“state”:“US-AK”,“termsOfService”:true,“type”:“INDIVIDUAL”},“recaptcha”:{“captcha”:""}}}

this is what it looks like after replacing \n with \n as multiple people said that would help but sadly it did not i get this as a response:

{“errors”:[{“message”:“Validation Failed”,“locations”:[{“line”:6,“column”:3}],“path”:[“createUser”],“code”:400,“errors”:{}}],“data”:null}

when i should be getting:

{errors: [,…], data: null}
data: null
errors: [,…]
0: {message: “Validation Failed”, locations: [{line: 6, column: 3}], path: [“createUser”], code: 400,…}
code: 400
errors: {email: [{code: “unique”, message: “This value should not be already in use”,…}]}
email: [{code: “unique”, message: “This value should not be already in use”,…}]
locations: [{line: 6, column: 3}]
0: {line: 6, column: 3}
column: 3
line: 6
message: “Validation Failed”
path: [“createUser”]
0: “createUser”

if anyone could help would be very much appreciated

Try to write \\n instead of \n

i have already done that and still got same response