Need clarification on skip vs progress

I found this to be inconsistent lately.

I need to abort a project to add proxies. The skip part says 1000000 and the progress shows 1500000/2000000 when in reality there’s only 1000000 tested.

There are also times when the skip value is incorrect and the progress count is the right one.

Thank you.

It’s bugged. But anyways, the skip means how many lines to skip the next time you click “start”, so when you stop a job it will update the value of the skip in order to make sure when you restart you start from the correct position. The progress is based on ALL tested + skipped, because if your wordlist is 15k lines and you had 5k skipped 10k tested then it’s 15k/10k+5k = 15k/15k = 1 = 100% otherwise it would look weird cause it would be like 66.67% but the wordlist is finished.

So I’ll follow the skip count then. You’re absolutely right on the progress, there’s even a time where it exceeded the total number of lines.

Yes there’s a bug where it gets doubled at the end, I am looking into it.

When the internet goes down, it seems to speed up the test at an incredible speed, most of the time all the way to the end of the list, and passing beyond a bit

If the internet crashed right at the beginning, only a few will be tested normally and after the crash all are banned, and later skipped but when this happens in middle of your work waaaa this are disgusting :frowning:

I accept any suggestion for testing improvement

When the internet goes down you shouldn’t have FAIL/SUCCESS/TOCHECK but they should all go to ban, so I suggest putting better keychecks for BAN on disconnection and disabling the ban loop evasion.