Multiple Domains Validation in OB2?

Heya, so I’m new to OpenBullet 2, I am quite experienced with Openbullet 1 tho.

I have a question about OB2:

I have a list of websites/domains: etc.

I want to use OB to get proper response and to confirm if website is valid or NOT. Means I want to know wich websites failed to connect to a server.

With OB 1 I could easily make a wordlist with domains and simply add in the Url: section.
But it seems that it doesnt work for OB2??

What is the proper way to parse a list of websites within world list in OB2? OR
WHat to input in the Url: ________

in OB2?



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You can use TRY/CATCH to know which websites failed to connect to a server and for the input of URLS you need to change the symbol T by the right side of the URL blank field into this </> in order to use URLS as in OB1.

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Click on the button next to the url textbox to change from T to VAR, then type input.URL. Otherwise change it to </> and type <input.URL>.

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Thanks, Ruri :slight_smile: I overlooked the VAR option, this works great now! Cheers!