Multiple count occurrence

Hi, sorry for my English, but I would like to know how I can count what is inside this variable

TOTAL SKINS (Single) = [Forsaken Vandal, Depths Bulldog, Lightwave PhantomLightwave BuckySongsteel Classic, Winterwunderland Ghost, Lightwave Sheriff, Songsteel GuardianMinima Spectre, Depths Stinger]

OB1 is not supported anymore, please switch to OB2.

Got it, but is there a way to do this through JS or python inside the OB1?

You can do it with blocks. Utility split variable to list using , as separator and then Utility list length. But please for the love of god switch to OB2, OB1 is outdated.

Thank you very much, and I already have OB2, it’s because I’m doing a project for a client

Could you give me an example, what you told me about?

Sorry I cannot provide any more support

Thank you it worked !!