Make Bot restart and use next available data

I have multiple bots running and the functionality I want is once the bot enters its data and gets a response it will stop. then start the script from the beginning and use the next available line from my resource. If I set the bot to fail I would get close to this because once the bot failed it would stop and then another bot that had failed would restart and take the next line but the bots stay in the failed state until another bot fails it seems and I can’t find a way to make them restart automatically. Instead, I then tried using TAKEONE with a resource I had added and if no keycheck happened the bot would JUMP back to the start and run TAKEONE again getting a different line but then I had no way of seeing what data the bot actually had and it wouldn’t count anything as tested. Ideally, I would want each bot to display the correct data it had, and once it fails to restart instantly and have new data to input.

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@Ruri, i need to know how i can do it too, any answer?

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This is not possible right now

I made in depth explanation on something, but misunderstood what you’re trying to do. Ignore this