Mail server access

Hello, I am new to Open Bullet. Is there anyway that I can access to a mail server and read email content ?

You can use the TCP block, send the LOGIN command to the IMAP server like

a1 LOGIN [email protected] password

and then use the FETCH command to retrieve mail and read it. Do some research about this (google imap telnet and you will find some commands).

what is a1?

what is the format? like:

a1 is just a sequence code, it can be anything you want, it’s used by the server to know in which order you sent the commands.

The format is exactly as I posted it.

Anyways in the latest versions of OB2 there are IMAP blocks so just use those instead.

Is this correct?
(I just want to see if the email can be logged in but not open inbox)

No obviously it’s not correct. First of all, data coming from the wordlist needs to be written like input.USER and input.PASS and then you have to click on the blue T button until the background of the textbox turns dark blue.

If you still want to use <input.USER> this syntax you have to turn it dark green instead.