Lost all hits 0 in result

Hello, I lost all my result on rdp, idk what exactly happened, but ob db have some size, 0 result and 0 combo tested.

Extremely weird, never had this happen so far and it’s been in development + testing + release for more than a year. Are you using docker? Maybe you didn’t link the UserData folder correctly?

I`m not sure but is it possible if I run ob2 from different copy folder, it opens installation window of OB?
Any solution where I can localy find hits or its binded in to db?
Yea I had seen it first time, but I think some one del, while I was offline.

Yes do not run OB2 from another folder. The data is bound to the UserData folder it’s not saved on the system, it’s saved inside that folder alone. Also, you can set up hits output in a job to save hits to the file system instead of the db (or both).

I’m pretty sure you can find all your result in the folder : OpenBullet2\UserData
Or choose the option in the config settings to set it to file system or other

You can also install DB Browser SQlite to see your hits from OpenBullet2\UserData\OpenBullet.db


Holy, that’s a nice file explorer. Is it win11 or something else?

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Yes it is! I just installed w11 on my VM to see what’s new and stuff, pretty cool design ngl ^^

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I got installed DB Browser SQlite before, thanks for advice will try with it rn :stuck_out_tongue:
@Ruri btw if server restarted, possible to lost all results?
I didn`t told before about restart just bcs rn support reply me, but as he said, he close all tools, so while OB was running and if I close that dotnet cmd I will lose results?

No, everything is stored inside the database if you used the database as hit output in your jobs.

hits are not storing to HITS tab or to Folder . what’s wrong sir ?

Check the hit outputs in your job, maybe screenshot them if you have trouble and post it here

Is there a limit ti how big the db should be allowed to get? A few times I’ve almost deleted hits that didn’t equal SUCCESS, but it returns such a large number of entries to delete that I got nervous and told it no…in case I chose the wrong setting or something.

Can I safely trim the db using DB Browser for SQLite? My db is a little under 14 Gig and now I can’t get it to load hits through the browser interface.

Yes you can safely use an external db tool (while OB2 is not running). Honestly it looks like you are getting a lot of ToChecks so maybe check out your config and see if it’s correct / add the missing keycheck keys.

Also using the Hits page, I found I got the best results by setting using Type + Equals

The main ones I search for are NONE and FREE and have never gotten a SUCCESS in the mix.

With that said, if you filter using CONTAIN you may get some mixed in. Not sure how but I am pretty sure I purged my whole db once using that one so would advise only using EQUALS, Starts, or Ends with; That or corrupted it, luckly I had a backup from the day prior so not much loss on my end.

That makes sense. I’m still learning so that’ll be a good project.