Linux Puppeteer/Selenium

I have linux setup for OB2, how do I run puppeteer or selenium on it?

also i am ARM64 Ubuntu. It is a shame chrome will not install.

@ruri is this possible?

I honestly have no idea, I don’t currently have an arm64 machine to try this on

No way you’re supposed to know your god here Lol. Okay I need a way to run OB2 with selenium configs on android phones. I got OB2 to run via termux with ubuntu installed.

@Ruri is it possible at all to run puppeteer or selenium on linux? If so how do I specify the web driver?

Is there any browser you can manage to install on there? If it’s a chromium based browser you need the chromedriver executable, you can get it from github I think. Then put it in the OB2 main folder (or bin folder I don’t remember which one). Finally point OB2 to the path where your browser’s executable is. See if they have a version of the webdriver for arm64, I’m pretty sure they do.

I have Firefox cause chrome isn’t supported for arm64, I’ll try and move the gecko driver to ob2 folder

so I tried to point it to /root/geckodriver and as well /root/ffox (the binary for firefox) OB2 was extracted into /root so it shares the same folder. Nothing works. just need some way to make selenium or puppeteer work.

not to mention I already made it a PATH variable

Are you sure OB2 has permissions to execute that file? Are you running OB2 as root?

I tried root. I have a full Ubuntu build running through termux.