Keycheck for Ftp Connect

Hello Ruri, how to take a keycheck for Ftp Connect?

Hi, enable safe mode and make sure you’re using version 0.1.21 of OB2. Then do the keycheck on the variable data.ERROR

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Thanks. For FAIL its ok, but SUCCESS key don’t work.

If i use data.SOURCE - Contains - will be BAN →
If i use data.SOURCE - Exists - will be SUCCESS even though the login is wrong. →

Edit: I am using 0.1.21

For fail → data.ERROR will not be empty
Success → data.ERROR will be empty

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I’ve played around with this for a bit and it seems there is only one distinct error message, no matter the error.
Is that correct?!
If so; why not put the FTP return codes in a variable to make them available for keychecking?!
It would allow for a fine-grained handling of the situation.

Open an issue on github and I might do it

Thx. I construe that as a “yes” regarding the question if I’m correct.
…welp, time to make a github account…

Yes as you can see here it only throws a single error

I would have to look into the library I’m using and find out if there is a way to know the reason of connection rejection.

Wow! Thanks for the in-depth look.
Always going above and beyond, that’s Ruri! ^^

Would be pretty neat to have “full” FTP support.