Keep getting this issue

Hello dear friends.

Please kindly. My issue is that I keep getting errors in jobs. Whatever the config or the DATA I use.
MY wordlist type : email, password.
I have changed the config setting to match that.
Also in the environment.ini file I have changed in Credentials the Regex to : ^*.:.*$

My OB2 with the latest update I think. is installed on centos 7.

Thank you very much for your help.

Best regards

The regex is wrong, it should be ^.*:.*$
Are you getting INVALIDs or ERRORs?

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Thank you dear Ruri for your rely.
I forget to mention that I get errors the most
In some cases invalid
Also in environment.ini OK credentials I changed slices to : email, password.

Thank you very much

In the config are you using and input.password instead of the default input.USERNAME / input.USER and input.PASSWORD / input.PASS? Does the config work in the debugger?

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Thank you Ruri.
and when running the config in debugger it gives sliced into DATA.

Thank you

I forget to mention that the config is originally a loli config. Andi hve import it to OB2. THANKS

If you changed the slices in Environment.ini then you need to use the same slice names in the config, they cannot use different names.

In addition, if you’re getting the DATA slice it means the Wordlist Type is “Default” when it should be “Credentials” so you should check that.

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Thank you dear Ruri. I understand what you explained me in this part. I will check that and work on it.
Thank you a lot.

Please kindly Can I ask this question here or I must create a new topic related?

I have a strange issue.
After installing the first time OB2 on my centos. It manged to work well. After I restarted the sever. OB2 keep stopping.

Have you checked that there is enough RAM? If programs use too many resources, the linux kernel will shut them down.

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Thank you Ruri for your help.
I don’t think that because. It’s the only app running on this centos with 4Gb RAM. When checking on the home page of OB2 the ressources of the process CPU and RAM are normal.

As I mentioned. First time installed worked well. This happened when I just restarted the server. And I restarted the server because I have modified the environment.ini file. I thought it require a restart.

Thank you for your help and your time dear Ruri

Does it just stop without any logs or does it print some errors to the console? Because if it is not printing anything then it’s the OS that is shutting it down I guess.

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Thank you Ruri for your valuable help.
As you said. It shut down without printing nothing.