Job Scheduler - STOP & START at certain times

Hey @Ruri , We send several requests for a proper Job Scheduler and we still need it so much

Please consider putting some time on it, I think it’s an important missing feature in your build

Openbullet 1.2 Request
Openbullet 2 Request
Github for OB2 also added

I know about your many efforts for making this version better and I’ll appreciate if you could look into this one as well


I have other priorities now but eventually I will get to it

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Also you can do some of this from clever monitor rules using job status and wait or relative start time I think.

Also custom code in python, have it grab date/time and doing a while loop until it is the correct time

It should run async but it wont continue until the previous block is finish to you can easily cause it to wait indefinatly in a loop

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It seems to be possible yes but it’s not a proper way to handle many jobs

Also Not all of us may be good at python

but thanks for your alternatives

@Ruri I appreciate it, will wait for it