JavaScript not enabled error

Hey guys while I was making a config the website gave a different response in Openbullet 2 and in the browser

For example, if my website is:

It Gives like this in Openbullet 2

and like this in the browser, in browser everything works fine all the HTML content is loaded properly

So what the website does is

First, it loads the content that we got in Openbullet 2. which redirects it to the second website src=" some token here "

After redirecting there it executes some js and then it further redirects to the main “/m/login” page

Any solution guys?

If the site you are testing requires JS then you will need to use puppeteer. Otherwise you can try and skip the JS sections with hardcoded data or use the “basic” website like it says in the msg

The “basic” page also needs javascript, is there no way except puppetter?