Is this a bug?

hi i try to make config for mobile app but after valid login openbullet show me this:
Screenshot 2021-06-26 195425
any one know whats happen and how to fix it?

Which block caused the issue? Seems like you’re using an invalid port number. Please let me know about the number you wrote in the port parameter of that block.

Http Request block its post data when i put not working account its work and give me fail keycheck
BUT when i use valid account to get success key its show me like that picture i post

I do not have enough information to debug this issue.

can i send app name to u to test it out?

Sure, but if you’re not authorized to do this I cannot help you

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no worry i want only improve my self and fix this problem its all on my and only need fix thats it

i try to contact you but its not working can you please send pm to in here really sorry about it but pm not work i think im missing someting to activate those button

Send me an email ruri (at) openbullet [dot] dev

ok thanks i send it now

hi any update on this problem?cz i send you email but no answer i think you not see my email