Is there exist a Ruri Library like xNet, or leaf.xnet

Hello, I hope you all guys are doing well. I wanted to know if there exists a Ruri library like xnet,, or leaf.xnet by using that I can create a HTTP request easily

Well it’s not meant for public use (yet) but you can use the libraries RuriLib.Proxies and RuriLib.Http (just copy the DLL files from the OB2 folder). These are the libs that power OB2’s requests. They are not too easy to configure but I can post an example if you want.

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Sure bro that will help me a lot and and please release your own library for this like u did for multi-threading

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Please remind me in a few days, I’m super busy IRL right now

sure take your time and what is the method to create request using as I have seen OB 1 source and there I saw raw request what is the difference between a raw request and simple request?

Just look at the source code. Raw means you send raw bytes, simple means you send a string (which is then encoded to bytes behind the scenes).

@Ruri what is the purpose of this code in OB1 source code?

                    Random rand = new Random();
                    var nonce = rand.Next(1000000, 9999999);
                    pData = pData.Replace("&", $"{nonce}&{nonce}").Replace("=", $"{nonce}={nonce}");
                    pData = string.Join("", BlockFunction.SplitInChunks(pData, 2080)
                        .Select(s => Uri.EscapeDataString(s)))
                        .Replace($"{nonce}%26{nonce}", "&").Replace($"{nonce}%3D{nonce}", "=");

The purpose is that EscapeDataString() only works for strings under 2083 something characters or something like that, so if the string is longer I have to chunk it up and encode them separately, then join them back. Also I don’t want to replace the existing & and = characters so I add a nonce around them to recognize them later and reconvert them otherwise the string escape will escape those too!

So for example data=123&value=1/2 will encode the / but not = and &.

Ohh got your point thanks