IP Address as input - DATA

I’ve been running into this issue where when I insert IP address in the Test Data bar.
Any clues how to fix this?
My input for the config is only IP Address

is it the proxy generator config ?

I think you should modify the environment.ini

ok i’ll check and revert

This is my environment.ini for the DATA slice

Are you using input.DATA as variable?

Yes im using it.

Also the IP im testing is https and I need to specify the port

Is it guaranteed that the IP you’re trying is working or could it be not working? For example you’re scanning an ip range and you want to see which ones work?
If that’s the case, look into the TRY/CATCH statement like

// Http request block here
// the block above failed, do something else

Thanks for the reply.

The IP works 100%.
I even tried with google.com IP address and result is the same

Please open an issue on github and we will address this, thanks! By the way, did you try with port 443? Because port 80 is for HTTP and above I saw you have a link with https and port 80.

Will open an issue.
Well, irrespective of the port, OB2 just won’t treat IP address as browsable web req…
Thanks for the help though

careful with ip scanning or mass chacking some vps providers will consider it port scanning and terminate you found out the hard way checking 1.2mil proxies

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