Hi guys,
You can call me an absolute bot, but i just cant figure out why i cant run my config.
When i start it, it just says: InvalidProxyException “The proxy could not be parsed”.
I cant quite get it, because i checked my proxies externally and there where only http proxies inside, so that could not be the problem, i tested my configs (externally too), and most of them work fine.
One reason why I think it is not working is, that in OB2 it says at every proxy: Status: Untested. And i also cant find a button to check/test the configs inside OB2 and i also find nothing on the internet.

Can someone help me please? I use version 0.2.5 [BETA]

yes, it happens a lot when cracking.

Do you know a way how to fix this

To test the config you need to edit it, then go to the Stacker page and you will find the debugger there where you can put test data and test proxy.

pls correct the bug maybe, TO CHECK can not see the HTML source when cracking. Nothing coming up.

I clicked on my config, then on edit, and when im trying to click on the Stacker it wont open nothing happens when i click on “Stacker”. Readme and the other stuff still works.