Install bcrypt in folder

Hello again,

as my friend told me i have created an empty folder in the openbullet folder and i called it ‘Scripts’, i have downloaded and i installed the node js,
after that i went to the ‘Scripts’ folder, and i have runned the command ‘npm install bcrypt’, is now my config will work fine ?

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Yes that looks okay to me

thanks its worked,
now in the telagram, i know only bot token and id, what i will type in the api ?

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and can i choose the (success, and custom) to be sent via telegram, not only success hits

No currently you can only choose hits or everything (hits + custom + tocheck)
I honestly don’t know what api server needs, I didn’t make this component, another person made it and contributed it to the repo. So maybe search a bit on google? Idk

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this function is merged into the ob2 not in the config, in the job creation at the buttom i see this

Yes, what I’m saying is that someone else wrote the part that sends the hits to delegram, I did not develop that part myself, so I wouldn’t know how to help (since I don’t even use telegram).

thanks for your help,
my config now is working good without any problem, itested it,

i added proxies, and the 18k proxies are place to banned, whats the problem exactl,
the proxies imported successfully and added to job and everything is good, but when i start the job all proxies placed to banned

great i fix it, i see also 6200 errors at the job,

but the problem now, i see 4 (Re-check) i have stopped the job and i restarted the job, i see the (recheck) has gone, where i see them again ??
in the “hits” i didnt found them there

2021-11-25 01_55_01- - Connexion Bureau à distance

also see this bug of (log), if i open the debugger it still like that

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You have to enable the bot log in settings otherwise you will not see anything there. Go to the settings and check “enable bot log”, then get some more tochecks and they will have the log printed.