Inquistive beginner keen to learn more about OB

Hello, friend.

I’m new to OB, and I just made my account a couple minutes ago thinking I would get to learn a lot from the existing pro’s if I join the official forums.

I want to learn OB as a new skill (or a hobby) this year. I have zero knowledge about the community, and I do not want to become a skid by just looking at other people and copying as to what they are doing. I need clarity; I want to design my own code, I want to learn everything from ground-zero. I want to understand the core mechanism.

I have seen people use OB for cracking accounts online, but I suppose, that’s only one of the things that OB can do, and that there’s so much more to it. That is limited reasoning.

The actual will to learn is often the only thing that’s necessary, and I have that in abundance.


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Hey, feel free to take a look around, look at the guides and if you have any questions or if you think something isn’t explained properly feel free to open a topic and we will help you with anything you need!


More tutorials and sample configs are coming in the next weeks so make sure to stay tuned for more examples about how OB2 can be used and for what purpose.


Thank you! I’m exploring the site right now and I’ve also read a few answers from you. And I must say, you really are a dedicated person!

I have a question: How should I get started? I seem to have lost on here. I’m trying to read the documentation for LoliScript i.e openbullet-1.2/LSDoc.xml at master · Cheetah55/openbullet-1.2 · GitHub and I don’t know where to run/debug this code, to be honest.

Hey, I see you’re trying to learn OB1, which is not supported anymore. A brand new version was released (OB2) and you can find it here GitHub - openbullet/OpenBullet2: OpenBullet reinvented

Is there any specific reason why you’re trying to use OB1? Also the repository you linked is not the official one, just so you know ^^

Oh, I just searched for “loliscript documentation openbullet” on Google and clicked on the third search result. Since the configs that I have seen online have a .loli extension, I thought it would be the same case with OB2. Sincere apologies.

I see the confusion, OB1 had a language called LoliScript while OB2 has one called LoliCode. Although the names are similar they are very different. Also mind that OB2 has been out for just about a week so it will take some time before some comprehensive guides and tutorials are released :slight_smile:

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Alright. Thanks once again.