Image captcha refresh

i have a problem from ob1 till now the ob2
sometimes when u want to solve image captcha and make it post,website wont accept it
and what is the reason?
reason is like the url of captcha is like this :

so it means any time u run the url,a new image will show u
so in openbullet,in the first “REQUEST” you open the website to parse some tokens and details,then you need open the url of captcha as “REQUEST” again to export it as Base64 and solve it

the final result is the solved captcha will be different than the first image opened in the first Request,and website wont accept it

(for my target,there isnt any cookies,and only captcha url code and tokens will generate together everytime open the login page)

is there solution?

(also there is a solution,its to use selenium,but i don’t like to use,i need do it through requests)


Usually the captcha is retrieved by an additional request to that page, when you GET the original page it doesn’t actually download the captcha. So when you do a GET to /captcha you are actually getting it for the first time. I’m pretty sure your problem is something else.

when open the page in html view i can see btw the url is like this of captcha
everytime the “t” will change,but if u open a same url like this again and again,everytime the image will be different,not everytime same image

I know, usually it’s cookie-based or header-based so they can have a relationship between the csrf on the page and the captcha that you were shown.