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Situation: So I want to run a certain request one time every thousand other requests. So basically I have this site where one token has a max rate of a thousand requests. I’m already generating the tokens, but I want to be able to run it all within one process by generating a new token every time the previous one reaches the limit without stopping. In more detail, I just want to generate one token and use it a certain amount of times and then automatically generate another token after that.

Try lolicode
generated code here

repeat 1000
your code here
then jump to the code block that “automatically generate another token after that.”

You can work with global variables. You need 2, a string (the token) and an integer (the counter).
At the start, every bot will increase the counter by 1. If the counter is above 1000, it will get a new token, otherwise it will do the normal config (use IF/ELSE). Then, if it did get a new token, reset the counter to 0.

@Ruri @Jin Do one of you guys mind showing me an example? Considering I’ve never done something like this over my few years of doing this. Just kinda confused when I try because its still generating a new token every request.

Here, I made a guide for you

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Thanks man will check it out

I pushed 0.1.16 so you should be able to use the solution I wrote now, just update OB2