I need help with using openbullet 2, I recieve an error saying wordlist type is not supported

Hey, I am new to openbullet2, I tried to run a job, but i get an error saying the wordlist i provied is not supported by the config. I saw Ruri post a guide saying how to fix it, but i dont understand. Can someone please give me help. My discord is andrew.#7499.

Hi, open the config you’re trying to use (a.k.a. go to the Configs page and double click on the config). Then go to the Settings tab in the config submenu. Finally, search for the Data section and check Allowed Wordlist Types. You need to load your wordlist with one of those types. If you don’t have that type in your Environment.ini file, you need to create it, or ask the original creator to give you their Environment.ini file.

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