I Got Banned for Misunderstanding

Hey @Ruri You Banned My account ShadowMasterGo For posting cresidentials however they werent real since i randomly typed them to explain different ones. It was same random as this → [email protected]:j9om1n (t-online as it can be accessed to IMAP) I know this is not cracking forum and so i didnt post real login. I hope you can unban me and its ok if you ban this one that i just made to type this.


Hello, you do know by reading the rules that any indication to an external website, real people, or company is prohibited whether in forum or private chat; and thus, just explaining how information are different is kinda enough. Saying Email is more than enough to show what you intend to say. Breaking the community guidelines and the forum rules are what got you banned. The ban is permanent however. I hope Ruri makes an exception this time. Best of regards.

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I unbanned you but please follow the rules, do not post any credentials, unless they are blatantly fake like [email protected]:password123

thanks and i will be sure to be careful next time!

sorry! Will read it now