I got bad image when pressing on different field of ob2 native

Why its happening? its every where on the tool, after clean install windows 11

Its looks like a display defect, that’s why you should never directly install new versions of windows, however good luck :joy:

I got it only in ob2 native :smile:

I wouldn’t know how to debug that as I don’t have win11

I got a lot issue on windows 11 after this tool O&O ShutUp10++: Free antispy tool for Windows 10 and 11
I reinstall today twice this OS for make it work properly, Idk what I should disable for best work and best stability with my games, after it bf2042 and cs:go not launching

I also have Win11 running, but don’t have this problem. Must be a bug on your side :man_shrugging:

I got checked ob2 on second pc and it was work, I think it was bad video driver on my pc, after clean installation of windows, many stuff works again, I hope ob2 also

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