I don't want OB2 to send following headers

Okay so I can see openbullet send headers which are content-length and content-type. I don’t want OB2 to send them. I am passing them already in correct order but OB2 is sending in wrong order getting me a BAN from site

I think what is blocking you is more likely TLS fingerprinting more than header order, if header order matters that much for this site.

I’ve taken care of TLS fingerprinting part.

I am able to reproduce this. OB2 ATM does support header ordering but content-type, and content-length HAVE to be manually set in the order you want them.

Do not let OB2 auto-generate either of them or it will always append them to the end of the header list.

I wrote an API for debugging purposes that logs all received headers/cookies just so I could test this and see it firsthand.

In request 1, OB2 generated the values itself when I gave it post-data to send.

in request 2, I manually set the header order in the text box and was able to order content-type and content-length however I wanted to.

This is just what I was able to test firsthand with the API. I did not compare TLS client signatures to each other.

I was able to confirm that specific header orders do get detected by whatever server you connect to, and that you can manually set your order yourself

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Thanks pure for your reply ^^
I would like to add that this does not work with the SystemNet library and it is one of the reasons why RuriLibHttp exists in the first place.

Thanks brother love ya