I can not run OpenBullet2!

I did everything correctly in OB2 setup but when I start the http://localhost:5000/ I have an empty window

Could you please check if you have an exception in the terminal window?
Can you try using instead of localhost?
Did you start OB2 with the .exe or with the console command? If you started with the console command, did you start it from within the folder where the DLL is located or from another folder?

Make sure to have OB2 exe file running when put localhost in browser.

Thanks for answers ! I tried to run in different ways! 1 = run to OpenBullet2.exe 2= dotnet ./OpenBullet2.dll ! At the addresses that 5000 What LocalHost: 5000 Blank screen color background this site :neutral_face:

Localhost works! An example of acunetix

I view the source code of the empty page address 5000

I transferred a folder openbullet2 to other places! the same start (((

my system Windows 10 Build 19043.985 (21H1)

appsettings.Release.json Changed the port! But if I had a closed port, I could not see the source code page

I suppose that OpenBullet2 has no quick launch guided by the instructions! Windows 10 Build 19043.985 (21H1) can not start on :neutral_face:

I solved this problem by installing Mozilla Firefox !!! There was a problem on Comodo Icedragon & I Explorer :star_struck:

Thanks to all ! The problem is exhausted! all OK ! have a nice day, everyone :revolving_hearts:

I have a new question! Where can I get the full guide to the technical moments! For example, <input.username> <input.pass> = this is limited! ? and everything you need to work! it’s hard to look for values in different places ! The application has help!? Thank you !

Did you seriously try to launch OB2 on internet explorer? …
It’s obviously not supported, please uninstall that piece of crap ^^

There is documentation about this. First of all look for help links where Bulletta comes and explains things. After that, in the bottom left corner look for a button with a book on it, you can find a guide there that will get you familiar with the fixed variables in OB2.

Thanks for the answer ! At first, the logical part of the switches and other nuances was not quite clear)) But when I figured it out, I realized that the system is very universal and all tools are conveniently posted) Great app !! which has limitations only in fantasy - who uses it :upside_down_face:

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