HTTP2 Encoded Header Response when I use SystemNet HTTP library

Whenever I use SystemNet HTTP library with HTTP v2 or HTTP v1 protocol, The response is on encoded format. I dont know how to decode it. Some sites works … but most sites Source response is in encoded form. Please help.


I really need SystemNet HTTP v2 … but encoded source is the problem… How can i decode it? . It works great with RuriLibHttp. I am having problem on SystemNet.

gl, looks like its capturing SSL traffic and failing to decode it.

Looks exactly how my SSL traffic looks like if I dont have my MITM cert enabled

What can I do sir?
When I use RuriLIBHTTP library it works
But when I use SystemNET library it donot…

i think this is udemy website but its not ur website so idk if i can help you

Sometimes System.Net does not unzip gzipped responses correctly. After the block, put this

data.RAWSOURCE = RuriLib.Helpers.GZip.Unzip(data.RAWSOURCE);
data.SOURCE = System.Text.Encoding.UTF8.GetString(data.RAWSOURCE);
CLOG YellowGreen data.SOURCE

and let me know if it helps. If it doesn’t maybe send me the URL via email so I can check.

Nope its not working
It says

InvalidDataException :The archive entry was compressed using an unsupported compression method.

By the way I mailed you url on `ruri [at] openbullet (dot) dev’ . Please take a look RURI SAMA…

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just checked it.
the Problem is brotli compression - Maybe @ruri needs to fix it.

Quick fix for your config: remove the br on the Accept-Encoding: header


Thankyou its working ^^ . Love you bro

Please open an issue on github and I will add automatic detection of brotli compressed response + decompression.

Just remove the Accept encoding headers in your request, thats how you can fix this issue.

Remove Accept-encoding header in your Http request.

Just wanted to say that since 0.2.4 brotli streams are automatically decompressed